By principle, everyone at Jamkain Media Ventures Private Limited is expected to carry out and follow the code of conduct that is based on honorable actions, mutual respect for another and a stringent route to follow the law. The idea revolves around doing the fair and the right thing.

All the employees of Jamkain Media Ventures and its subsidiaries are expected to follow these rules, the failure of which may lead to disciplinary charges. In certain extreme cases, this can even result in termination of employment. If you come across these violations of other employees, you can report the incident to the concerned authorities.

#1. Avoiding Any Conflict of Interest

By conflict of interest, we refer to any competition between loyalties for your fellow colleagues, friends, families and commitment to the company or the customers. Such conflicts of interest should be avoided at all costs. There might also be situations in which an existing condition can develop into a conflict of interest.

In cases of such conflicting situations, you may deal with it by delving into three different questions.

  1. Is the activity you are going to embark upon come as an incentive to me, my friends or family, be it in reality or apparently?
  2. Does this action, in any way, tend to affect adversely my reputation in Jamkain Media Ventures or question my loyalty or ability to serve the company?
  3. Is it possible that this action could be thwarting for the company or myself if it got exposed in the media?

The key to determining a conflict of interest is answering these questions. If you answered with a ‘yes’ to any of the three questions above, the activity is more likely to prove to be a conflict of interest, and you should take steps to avoid it at all costs.

#2. Financial Integrity

Obeying the financial code in the company is critical. As an employee, you have to make sure that the money spent by Jamkain Media Ventures is just and accurate. There should be no duplications or falsified information in the financial records of the company.

If your job gets you involved in financial transactions or maintenance of record, you must ensure that you are aware of all the required policies. It is best to avoid interference with the auditing process of Jamkain Media Ventures. Also, if you come across any violations of financial integrity, you should report it at the earliest.

#3. Obeying The Law

As an employee of Jamkain Media Ventures, you would be expected to follow the laws and regulations about the company policies. There are, however, certain laws that could go unnoticed, and you could break them without actually intending to do so. We have listed out a few of these laws here for your perusal:

a) Trade Controls: These laws govern and revolve around the exchange of information, products and services from our company. This could include importing and exporting goods to and from the country, exporting and provision of services for non-resident citizens, exporting and exchange data from the country. If you are involved in any of these sectors, be it with the software, the data, or the products, make sure you are thorough about the policies of the company.

b) Competition Laws: There are specific laws intended to look out for fair competition and not take up unfair means that could indirectly harm the consumers. These include restrictions on arrangements that harm the trade, misusing the market to create a disadvantage for the competitors, provide inappropriate information to the consumers in the market. Violations of these laws could fetch civic and criminal charges.

c) Insider Trading Laws: it is illegal to use insider and non-public information to transact over Jamkain Media Ventures stocks. This could lead to the crime of insider trading.

d) Anti-bribery Laws: The idea of Jamkain Media Ventures for anti-bribery laws revolves around one aspect: Do not bribe anyone for any reason. By principle, you should refrain from offering or accepting a bribe for anything. There are two aspects to this:

Non-government officials and interactions: You are not permitted to gift another official business anything on behalf of Jamkain Media Ventures. This could include conventional gifts, meals, tickets and the likes. Refrain from offering anything that could be perceived as a bribe, even if that wasn’t your intention.

Government officials: In this situation, a bribe could include a meal, entertainment, conventional gifts, candidates for public office, and contributions at charitable events, job offers, and the likes. Any of these offerings could lead to serious charges.

Being a part of Jamkain Media Ventures, we rely on self-respect and good judgment to follow the code of conduct at all times and be guided by this set of principles.